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As You Prepare To Take The TOEIC, I Wonder...
Could You Be Wasting Your Time
On TOEIC Test Prep Methods
That Just Don't Work?

Dear Friend,

As you prepare for your upcoming TOEIC, the last thing you have is time to waste.

After all, your TOEIC score will have a big impact on your future. You must have strong English Vocabulary skills if you are to do well, both on your test and later at your English-speaking company.

Wasting study effort on methods that don't work
Too Many Students Waste Study
Efforts On Methods That Don't Work
Unfortunately, when it comes to English vocabulary, too many people arrive at test day to discover that they have wasted their efforts on methods that just did not work.

They spend hours upon hours poring over dictionaries and word lists, only to find themselves unable to remember the words they've studied as they take their test.

They freeze. And their score drops like clumsy waiters drop plates.

The problem is that memorizing definitions does not build your vocabulary. It takes a real understanding of when, where and how to use a word before it will make a difference to your TOEIC score, or help you at English speaking company.

And that ability is something a dictionary - and most vocabulary programs - just can not provide.

Introducing The Power Vocabulary Builder:
The Only Vocabulary Program That Fully Prepares
You To Earn A Top Score On Your TOEIC AND
Greater Success At Any English-Speaking Company

TOEIC Vocabulary Software - Power Vocabulary BuilderThe Power Vocabulary Builder is perfectly designed to give you total fluency in English - and more importantly, to make sure you remember the words you learn when it counts on your TOEIC exam.

Your list contains 400 of the words most likely to appear on your TOEIC. Our elite group of TOEIC experts identified the words most often used to create the test. These are the advanced English words you must be fluent with if you are to both score highly and be successful in your career.

Most importantly, we are the only program that teaches total vocabulary mastery. Other programs have you memorizing definitions. Power Vocabulary Builder helps you truly understand each TOEIC word so you make it your own - to the point that you'll find yourself using it in everyday conversations.

Mastering English vocabulary words with Power Vocabulary Builder
Mastering English Vocabulary Words Is
The Only Way To Maximize Your TOEIC
What does it mean to truly master these advanced English vocabulary words? It means you will:

  • Race through the Reading passages of your TOEIC, instantly comprehending every word you encounter. Because over 100 years of research have shown that the more words you've mastered, the faster you'll read and the more you'll comprehend.
  • Instantly understand the Listening sections - the part of the TOEIC many find to be the most difficult. But since you will have mastered these advanced words, you will instantly understand what you hear and easily choose the correct answers.
  • Correctly pronounce the words you will use in the Speaking section, because Power Vocabulary Builder is the only program that has a real human voice speaking every word you will learn.
  • Effortlessly draft high-scoring essays in the Writing section. According to the makers of the test, they are looking for "appropriate and precise use" of your vocabulary words. Mastering a word is the only way to achieve this level of precision in it's use.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to communicate with anyone in the English-speaking, global economy
  • Get promoted more quickly than your colleagues who do not have a superior English vocabulary

And no other program helps you do that like the Power Vocabulary Builder.

Finally, our exclusive testing and traffic light tracking system makes sure you're ready for your test - and that you know it. You'll be filled with confidence come test day because you'll know exactly how well you know the words you're going to see.

Other vocabulary programs don't offer anything close.

Your TOEIC Test Gets Closer Every Day:
Stop Wasting Time Memorizing Word Definitions
And Start Truly Mastering English Vocabulary
Words Today

See For Yourself How The Power Vocabulary Builder Will Raise Your TOEIC Score

Above, you witnessed how the Power Vocabulary Builder will help you score higher on the TOEIC, and help you succeed at your English-speaking company by helping you to master new vocabulary words in three easy steps:

Step One: Build Your Word List

As you navigate today's busy global economy, your time is precious. So there is no point wasting it on TOEIC words you do not need to know. That is why the Power Vocabulary Builder gives you the control to create your own word lists - so you focus your valuable time only on the words that are most likely to appear on your TOEIC.

When you begin to explore the Power Vocabulary Builder, you'll quickly see how it was created with your success in mind. Because our elite panel of developers - including some of the nation's top TOEIC specialists, ESL teachers and computer programmers - spent thousands of hours developing a list of the most frequently tested words on the TOEIC.

Powerful and Influential Words

They honed a list of over 400 words that are crucial to your score. These are the words most often used to create the TOEIC. The words that will catapult your TOEIC score to the highest levels, and ensure your success at your English-speaking University.

So as you begin to use the Power Vocabulary Builder, it will have an instant impact on your ability to speak fluent English and earn a higher TOEIC score.

Beyond that, our experts identified another 1,800 of the most important words in the English language. The words elite leaders use to express their powerful ideas. The words you must know to excel at your English-speaking university.

Then, we gave you the power to fully customize your lists.

Three separate filters allow you to build lists of words used in:

  • Business
  • Politics
  • Science
  • Legal
  • Medicine
  • Negotiating
  • Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Military
  • Compliments or Critiques
  • Religion
  • Self Promotion

-- You can literally build a custom list for any area of the English Language you need to master.

Sort words in order of their frequency of use in the news media

Plus, you can order your list in any number of ways... by how often each word is used (this is the default), by difficulty, by the alphabet. The combination of choices is literally endless.

The bottom line is that you do not waste time on words that are not relevant to your test.

Step Two: Quickly And Easily Master the Words You've Chosen

This is where PVB really separates itself from the competition, nearly all of whom are based upon advanced definitions that aren't always clear.

And as we talked about before, the only way to race through the reading questions, instantly understand what is being said in the listening section, and write high scoring essays for the writing section is to master the words you will see - memorizing definitions just does not make it happen.

Which is why we give you a complete lesson for each and every word. You get:

  • A clear definition written specifically for this program that you will instantly understand
  • The sound of an actual human voice pronouncing the word so you don't have to guess (the competition uses computer-generated voices - can we say "room for error?"). Studies show that hearing the word creates a stronger impression in your mind and helps you to remember it that much faster
  • Usage tips that tell you exactly when, where and how to use each word - the first step to mastery
  • Memory tricks that help you cement the word and it's meaning in your mind even faster
  • A brief history of the word so that you fully understand it's meaning and context - crucial to using it correctly in essays and conversations
  • Real life usage examples that let you see the word in context and become fully confident to use it in everyday conversation - the final sign that you've mastered the word and will get full benefit from it as you take your TOEIC
Latest learning technology and memory techniques

These exclusive lessons were designed to take advantage of the latest discoveries in learning - and are structured in the way proven to be the fastest, easiest way for you to master the words that will skyrocket your TOEIC score.

No other program even comes close.

Step Three: Power Testing Ensures Complete Confidence

It's not enough to think you know and understand new words. Power Vocabulary Builder lets you know that you know them them - before you encounter them on your TOEIC.

Our software automatically tests your knowledge of the words you've been studying, and our ingenious traffic light tracking system automatically keeps track of your progress.

Our two testing methods help you prepare for two different sections of the TOEIC. The multiple choice questions are just like the multiples-choice sections of the test.

Power Test

And our fill in the blank spelling questions require you to recall from memory the correct spelling and use of new words. This prepares you for the essay questions, where these words must be at the top of your mind if you are to write essays that will earn the highest score.

Fill In The Blank Spelling Test

As you are tested on each new word, PVB takes note of your responses and assigns a color code depending on how well you know it. Red for those you are having trouble with, yellow for those you are learning but not quite comfortable with, and green for the words you have mastered.

Tracking your progress

This exclusive traffic light tracking system lets you see at a glance which words you have mastered and which words you need to keep working on - giving you complete confidence and control of your new English vocabulary.

Of course, you can also manually assign colors with a single click of your mouse - and with our competitors, you have to track your progress manually. Power Vocabulary Builder is the only program that takes the guesswork out of your progress and objectively tracks your progress for you.

This way there is absolutely no chance you will arrive at test day thinking you know words when you do not.

Power Vocabulary Builder Is The Only Program
That Will Help You Enjoy The Benefits Of
Your Higher TOEIC Score

A superior english vocabulary is proven to lead to success
A Superior English Vocabulary
Has Been Proved To Lead To Success
You already know that becoming fluent in English Vocabulary will improve your TOEIC score. And you realize that it will help you at university as well.

But I wonder if you realize just how much easier it will be to succeed at university when you master these advanced English vocabulary words.

For nearly a century, scientist who study success have found that a superior English vocabulary makes people more successful.

  • Earl Nightingale was one of the first to study successful people. He found that "without a single exception" those who scored higher on vocabulary tests earned more money than those who scored lower
  • A Human Engineering Laboratory Study tested the English vocabularies of thousands of people in various careers and age groups, and found that the people drawing the highest salaries scored highest on the vocabulary test
  • A study performed by scientist Johnson O'Connor looked at English vocabulary and executive level. He found that higher vocabulary scores always meant a higher rank within the company

Study after study has proven that mastering these influential English vocabulary words will help you:

  • Command the respect of your peers, superiors and competitors
  • Rapidly earn promotions and higher salaries
  • Exude the aura and personal magnetism of an elite leader
  • Fill yourself with confidence and poise
  • Enjoy closer relationships because of better communication
  • Ensure your thoughts and ideas are heard, understood and taken seriously

No other program will enable you to reap those benefits like the Power Vocabulary Builder.

There's No Need To Wait! You Can Begin Mastering
New Words Within The Next Two Minutes

There's just no point wasting time with methods that don't work. You want a more powerful vocabulary – and the Power Vocabulary Builder is the fastest, easiest way to get it.

And it's the only way to gain total mastery over the new words you learn.

Once you have quickly mastered these words you will...

  • Race through the Critical Reading sections of your TOEIC, instantly comprehending every word you encounter. Because over 100 years of research have shown that the more words you've mastered, the faster you'll read and the more you'll comprehend.
  • Instantly comprehend the Listening sections - the part of the TOEIC many find to be the most difficult. But since you will have mastered these advanced words, you will instantly understand what you hear and easily choose the correct answers.
  • Correctly pronounce the words you will use in the Speaking section, because Power Vocabulary Builder is the only program that has a real human voice speaking every word you will learn.
  • Effortlessly draft high-scoring essays in the Writing Section. According to the makers of the test, they are looking for "appropriate and precise use" of your vocabulary words. Mastering a word is the only way to achieve this level of precision in it's use.

You might be thinking that such a superior program would cost much more than it's so-called competitors. And yes, we'd be justified in charging a premium price for such advanced technology.

But then the Power Vocabulary Builder would only be available to the privileged few. We think it's better business to offer a superior product that everyone can afford.

Which is why we're proud to offer you the opportunity to download the Power Vocabulary Builder right now for only $99.99

In fact, if you have already looked at other TOEIC vocabulary programs, you will know that this is a great deal. It is less than half the cost of our closest competitor, but with twice as many features.

And if you haven't looked at other programs yet, allow me to save you some time. Only one other program offers the kind of career-boosting word lessons you get with the Power Vocabulary Builder - every other one simply gives you definitions to memorize.

And here is how the Power Vocabulary Builder stacks up against our only real competitor, Wordsmart:

  Power Vocabulary Builder®
Word Lessons 2,200 1,600
List Building Feature Yes No
Ability to Add Words Yes No
Best of Class Guarantee Yes No
Instant Download Yes No
$14.95 Shipping
Price $99.99 $284.97

Now you see why I believe the Power Vocabulary Builder is the best value on the internet today!

But that's not all...

Special! Order Today And Get Two
Advanced Programs For The Price Of One

Now you can double your chances of success on the TOEIC with the perfect compliment to the Power Vocabulary Builder.

As a busy student, your life revolves around reading in one form or another. Textbooks, research for reports, notes, required reading books... not to mention the things you might want to read for fun.

All of that reading takes time - lots of it. And that's time you could be spending on any number of other things.

Now imagine being able to read as much as 800% faster than you do now. You could breeze through those textbooks and classic novels in a fraction of the time and move on to other, more productive things.

You could study your history notes in a fraction of the time - and still ace the test.

Or, you could read eight times as much fun stuff as you do now.

Sound like a dream? Well, it isn't - it's technology developed by scientists at Johns Hopkins Medical University, and it has actually been proven to help people read as much as eight times faster.

In fact, this technology is so powerful it's guaranteed to double your reading speed in just one week.

Because this breakthrough technology from Johns Hopkins has been turned into a one-of-a-kind software package called the Power Reader.

New Speed Reading Software

Power Reader

Whether it's textbooks, self-help manuals, career-related learning - the more you read, the better prepared you are to excel.

Now, you can learn to read - and absorb - any material as much as 800% faster with the new Power Reader Speed Reading Software.

The Power Reader employs technology developed by Johns Hopkins Medical University that's been proven to help people read up to eight times faster. In fact, this technology is so powerful, it's guaranteed to double your reading speed in just one week.

The Power Reader software couldn't possibly be simpler to use. You simply sit in front of your computer screen and watch as the software displays words and images. Meanwhile, your eyes are actually being trained to focus on words faster, so you read and comprehend at ever-increasing speeds.

Not only will this increase your overall reading speed, but the Power Reader comes with sample TOEIC reading passages that can be used for your lessons - so you're actually practicing for the TOEIC Exam while you increase your reading speed.

And you'll know exactly how well it works, as tests after each lesson keep track of your progress.

BEST OF ALL: You can add documents, emails and articles in any language, so you can increase your reading speed in English, your native language, or any other language you are studying.

This is not some cheap eBook like other vocabulary programs try to offer as a "bonus". It's a powerful new software program that sells separately for $99.99 - but for a very limited time, we're offering it for FREE with your purchase of the Power Vocabulary Builder.

Think about it: Now you can read 8 times as many of the books that will turbocharge your career... Get required reading out of the way in 1/8 the time so you can move on to other things... Enrich your life with all the reading you've put off for when you had more time...

And at the same time be developing complete mastery of a powerful new vocabulary!

The best part is, you can be doing both in the next two minutes for one incredibly low price! But you'd better hurry - this is a very limited time offer that may not be here tomorrow!

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16 MB available RAM
50 MB available disk space
800x600 Display, 32-bit color or better

I understand my TOEICisfaction is fully guaranteed - If I'm not completely
TOEICisfied with the Power Vocabulary Builder, I can return it within 60 days for a full refund!

Execucomm INC is a Trusted Leader in Vocabulary Training

Better Internet Bureau - Quality SiteExecucomm INC is the most trusted name in vocabulary development. We have been providing vocabulary building programs online longer than any other company.

Execucomm INC products have helped thousands of people around the world to improve their vocabularies and advance their success in school, business and life.

That is why the Better Internet Bureau has certified this website as a Quality Internet Site.

I can't wait to hear what this powerful software combination does for you! Be sure to send your success story to me at:

Here's to your success!

Joanna Milo

Joanna Milo

CEO, Execucomm INC

P.S. Your TOEIC date is getting closer by the minute, and the longer you wait to get prepared the less likely you'll be to earn the score you want. Don't leave your score to chance - start mastering words with the Power Vocabulary Builder today!

P.P.S. Your TOEIC Score and your success at University are both riding on your vocabulary skills. Without the Power Vocabulary Builder, can you be sure your English vocabulary will be good enough?

P.P.P.S. Please write us with your success story. We hear from people all the time who increased their TOEIC score, were accepted by the university of their choice, and who are earning higher grades easier in their English-speaking school - all because they use the Power Vocabulary Builder.

Archibald Donkoh
Archibald Donkoh

"I have only used the Power Vocabulary Builder for a short period but it has already contributed immensely to my English Vocabulary Skills.

What I like best is the ability of the software to filter the words for a specific examination like GRE.

Thanks a lot."

Mili Trivedi
Mili Trivedi

"I am using the Power Vocabulary Builder to help me speak fluent English. I think the program is great and very helpful.

The Power Vocabulary Builder is an absolute pleasure to learn from. I really like the word lists and think the flash card method is very convenient.

I found the different ways and levels of learning very beneficial. I have created several word lists that I am currently studying. I will send you another note with my progress soon."

Miguel Encarnacion

"You have developed a very unique program that is different and better than any other English Vocabulary tool I have seen.

I can tell you that I liked everything about this program: list building feature for creating lists of words to study, flash cards with tips and usage examples and the testing feature that helps test understanding.

I am going to keep using the Power Vocabulary Builder so I can improve my English at work."

Radha Selvaraj

"The Power Vocabulary Builder is helping me to quickly build my English Vocabulary.

I think the program is quite good and I am recommending it to my friends."

Tibor Dudjik
Tibor Dudjik

"This application is excellent for preparing for your English exams. The interface is quite easy to use so even people without advanced computer skills can easily use it.

I wish other applications were like this one. Thank you very much!"

Michell J. Spijkers
Michell J. Spijkers

"The Power Vocabulary Builder is a great tool for self study and provides additional exposure to the English language outside the classroom."

Julian Müller
Manager & co-owner of Bücherpunkt (German Software/Book company)

"I am German and work for a German company, but I need to communicate with English speaking co-workers or clients frequently. The Power Vocabulary Builder helps me improve both my written and verbal communication.

It is a great tool, especially for my daily job duties like writing emails. It allows me to communicate with a higher level of confidence. Thank you very much!"

Ali Zahrani

"I think this is the best English Vocabulary software that I have download from the internet!

It is so easy to choose words to learn and your lessons make learning fun and easy. I like using the lights to identify trouble words. Thank you very much!"

Ramish Joshi
Ramesh Joshi

"I am using the Power Vocabulary Builder to help me prepare for the GMAT exam. I really like how you have difficult English Vocabulary words that frequently appear on the GMAT.

I also look forward to using the program during my MBA studies."

Shiva Raman Pillai
Shiva Raman Pillai

"You have created the most comprehensive English Vocabulary database that I have seen.

I have already found many ways to use the Power Vocabulary Builder to improve my English. Thank You!"

Nina Stodiek
Special Education Teacher, Speech Therapist

"The Power Vocabulary Builder is such an easy tool to use!

I grew up in the USA, but I am German and live in Germany. I still have many friends in the USA and I still communicate with them.

The PVB helps me not to forget the English language. What I love most, is the fact that it is very user friendly. Thanks!"


"The Power Vocabulary Builder is helping me prepare for the TOEFL exam. I have learned many difficult words that are likely to appear on the TOEFL. Thank You!"

S. Frunze

"The Power Vacabulary Builder has helped me improve my English.

Everyday I am dealing with papers, articles and documents in English and each time I face some problems with translation.

The Power Vocabulary Builder helps me to learn words that are foreign to me."

Siva Santosh

"I have been using the Power Vocabulary Builder to improve my English. I really like studying different categories like politics, news media and business."

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