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One Skill Has Been Proven Crucial To Your Child's Success In School And Life...
Could Your Curriculum Be
Failing Your Child
In This Critical Area?

Dear Friend,

As a dedicated Homeschooling family, you care very deeply about your child's future. You've invested a lot of time and money because you want to be the one to shape his character. You want him to have a solid, strong foundation in the things that matter.

Yet nearly every curriculum on the market falls woefully short when it comes to one of the most vital skills your child can posess: Vocabulary.

"The Most Important Predictor
Of Success In Every Area"

As early as the 1930's, scientist
Johnson O'Connor while studying
human aptitudes and success,
discovered that our vocabularies
predict our level of success in
every area of life.
Despite over a century of scientific studies linking a strong vocabulary to everything from a higher IQ, to earning better grades and higher standardized test scores, to earning more money and advancing farther in any career - homeschool curricula rarely provide more than a few definitions to memorize each week. And those are nearly always part of some other subject.

But memorizing definitions doesn't build your child's vocabulary. You've probably noticed this already - after all, when was the last time you heard your child using the words she's learning in her everyday conversations?

Until she does, she's getting absolutely no benefit from them at all. Because the studies I mentioned before all show that the higher grades, the added confidence, the career success - all of them only come from the words we actually use in everyday conversation. And it takes a real understanding of when, where and how to use a word before it becomes part of everyday speech.

Unfortunately, that ability is something a dictionary - and most homeschool curricula - just can't provide.

Introducing The Power Vocabulary Builder:
The Only Software Program To Give Your Child
All The Benefits Of Total Vocabulary Mastery
In Three Easy Steps

See For Yourself How The Power Vocabulary Builder
Will Improve Your Child's Vocabulary

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Homeschool English Vocabulary Software - Power Vocabulary BuilderYou've just seen how the Power Vocabulary Builder is perfectly designed to complement your existing curriculum, while giving your child the vocabulary he needs to succeed both in school and life.

We are the only program that teaches total vocabulary mastery. Other programs have your child memorizing definitions. Power Vocabulary Builder helps her truly understand each word so she makes it her own - to the point that you'll hear her using it in everyday conversations.

And we make it happen in three easy steps:

Step One: Build Your Word List

As you begin to explore the Power Vocabulary Builder, you'll quickly see how it was created with your family's success in mind. Because no matter what subject area your children are studying, or what level of skill they possess, you as the parent have complete control to create a vocabulary list that will meet their needs.

Powerful and Influential Words

Our elite panel of developers honed a list of over 2,200 of the most powerful words in the English language. These are the words influential leaders use to communicate their thoughts and ideas. The words your child needs to use to speak with confident eloquence.

But we didn't stop there. We wanted Power Vocabulary Builder to fit seamlessly with your families existing homeschool strategy. Which is why we built in three separate filters which allow you to customize your list in over seven million different ways.

Three seperate filters allow you to create personal, customized word lists

Create lists for science, mathematics, history, literature, politics - you can create lists that match your learning themes, or use pre-programmed lists based on words prevalent in media, business, even standardized tests like the SAT.

Sort words in order of their frequency of use in the news media

The bottom line is that Power Vocabulary Builder gives you complete control, and is the perfect complement to any homeschool lesson plan.

Step Two: Quickly And Easily Master the Words You've Chosen

This is where PVB really separates itself from other vocabulary programs, which are based upon Ivy-League definitions that aren't always clear.

And as we talked about before, the only way your child will reap the well-documented benefits of a superior vocabulary is to master the words she learns - memorizing definitions just doesn't make it happen.

Which is why we give her a complete lesson for each and every word. Your children get:

  • A clear definition written specifically for this program that they will instantly understand
  • The sound of an actual human voice pronouncing the word so you don't have to guess (the competition uses computer-generated voices - can we say "room for error?"). Studies show that hearing the word creates a stronger impression in your mind and helps you to remember it that much faster - especially if your child is an auditory learner
  • Usage tips that tell him exactly when, where and how to use each word - the first step to mastery
  • Memory tricks that help him cement the word and it's meaning in his mind even faster
  • A brief history of the word so that she fully understand it's meaning and context - crucial to using it correctly in essays and conversations
  • Real life usage examples that let her see the word in context and become fully confident to use it in everyday conversation - the final sign that she's mastered the word and will get full benefit from it for the rest of her life
Latest learning technology and memory techniques

These exclusive lessons were designed to take advantage of the latest discoveries in learning - and are structured in the way proven to be the fastest, easiest way for your child to master the words that will bring him greater success in every area of his life.

No other program even comes close.

Step Three: Power Testing Checks Each Child's Progress For You

As a busy homeschooling parent, you have enough to do without adding more paperwork to the mix.

Which is why Power Vocabulary Builder handles every aspect of testing for you - all you have to do is record each child's score for your records.

Our software automatically tests your child's knowledge of the words he's been studying, and our ingenious traffic light tracking system automatically keeps track of his progress.

Our two testing methods give you complete control over your child's learning experience. Multiple choice questions mimic standardized tests like the SAT and help to reinforce daily lessons.

Power Test

And our fill in the blank spelling questions require your child to recall from memory the correct spelling and use of new words. This method of testing gauges your child's ultimate mastery of each new word.

As she's tested on each new word, PVB takes note of your child's responses and assigns a color code depending on how well she knows it. Red for those she's having trouble with, yellow for those she's learning but not quite comfortable with, and green for the words she's mastered.

Tracking your progress

This exclusive traffic light tracking system lets you both see at a glance which words your child has mastered and which you need to keep working on - giving you complete control of your child's learning.

Of course, you can also manually assign colors with a single click of your mouse - and with our competitors, you have to track your progress manually. Power Vocabulary Builder is the only program that takes the guesswork out of your child's progress and objectively tracks it for you.

Power Vocabulary Builder takes all the work and stress out of teaching vocabulary in the homeschool setting. You set it up with just a few clicks of your mouse, then move on to something else (or even enjoy a well-deserved break!) while your child learns.

And when she?s done, all you do is record the grade that's been automatically calculated for you.

Best of all, Power Vocabulary Builder is designed for multiple user accounts - so families with more than one child can create unique lists and track the progress of each student separately.

Power Vocabulary Builder Is The Only Program
That So Perfectly Meets The Needs Of
Today's Homeschooling Families

Nearly every family that chooses to homeschool does so for slightly different reasons. Maybe you're just not happy with the public schools in your area. Maybe your child has special needs.

Or maybe, like so many others, you want to be the one to choose the values that will be instilled in your children. You want to be the one responsible for shaping their character.

Whatever your reasons, one of the benefits of homeschooling your children is the ability to customize the lesson plans to perfectly match their personalities, learning styles and interests.

Power Vocabulary Builder has a wealth of options that allow you to integrate it seamlessly with your existing lessons, so that it becomes the perfect complement to your family's learning environment.

Options like:

  • The ability to build fully customized word lists, and sort them in literally millions of different ways - including by difficulty, prevalence on standardized tests like the SAT, or use in business and the media
  • An add-a-word feature that not only allows your children to study any word not already included with the software, but that helps them to begin the process of mastery even as the word is being plugged into the system
  • Multiple accounts that allow you to customize lessons and keep track of progress separately for each child in your family
  • Printable lessons that allow your children to study away from the computer
  • Fully customizable built-in testing that allows you to reinforce lessons in the way best-suited for each child in your family

Finally, unlike nearly every other learning aid you'll buy for your homeschool this year, Power Vocabulary Builder grows with your children. The software is adaptable for advanced upper-elementary students all the way through the college level and beyond.

So you will never have to replace or renew it. One single purchase will serve your family from now until your last child graduates.

"Better Grades With Less Study"
A 1999 study conducted by Douglas Bors and Tonya Stokes found that students with better vocabularies earned higher grades with less study, performed better on writing assignments, and even thought faster and grasped new concepts quicker than other students who used fewer words!

No other software is so adaptable to your homeschooling needs.

And No Other Software Helps Your Children
Reap The Benefits Of A Successful Vocabulary
Like The Power Vocabulary Builder

When your children use the Power Vocabulary Builder to master these important words, they'll also:

  • Earn better grades with less study time
  • Have less trouble writing papers and essays, and turn in higher-quality work
  • Earn higher scores on yearly end-of-grade testing, as well as higher scores on tests like the SAT
  • Be more successful at college
  • Get hired for the jobs they really want when they enter the workforce
  • Make more money and earn promotions faster
  • Develop the personal magnetism of an elite leader
  • Become filled with confidence and poise
  • Enjoy closer relationships because of better communication
  • Ensure their thoughts and ideas are heard, understood and taken seriously

All of these benefits have been shown in scientific studies to be the result of an improved vocabulary. No other program will enable your children to reap those benefits like the Power Vocabulary Builder.

There's No Need To Wait! Your Children Can
Begin Mastering New Words Within The
Next Two Minutes

There's just no point wasting time with methods that don't work. And unfortunately, most homeschool curricula offer little more than the public school system when it comes to vocabulary - too little focus and outdated, ineffective methods of learning.

You want your child to develop a more powerful vocabulary - and the Power Vocabulary Builder is the fastest, easiest way to get it.

And it's the only way they'll gain total mastery over the new words they learn.

You might be thinking that such a superior program would cost much more than other vocabulary programs. And indeed, we'd be justified in charging a premium price for such advanced technology.

But then the Power Vocabulary Builder would only be available to the privileged few. We think it's better business to offer a superior product that everyone can afford.

Which is why we're proud to offer you the opportunity to download the Power Vocabulary Builder right now for only $99.99

In fact, if you've already looked at other programs, you'll know that this is a great deal. It is less than half the cost of our closest competitor, but with twice as many features.

And if you haven't looked at other programs yet, allow me to save you some time. Only one other program offers the kind of career-boosting word lessons you get with the Power Vocabulary Builder - every other one simply gives you definitions to memorize.

And here is how the Power Vocabulary Builder stacks up against our only real competitor, Wordsmart:

  Power Vocabulary Builder®
Word Lessons 2,200 1,600
List Building Feature Yes No
Ability to Add Words Yes No
Best of Class Guarantee Yes No
Instant Download Yes No
$14.95 Shipping
Price $99.99 $284.97

Now you see why I believe the Power Vocabulary Builder is the best value on the internet today!

But that's not all...

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Now you can double the benefit to your family homeschool with the perfect compliment to the Power Vocabulary Builder.

As a homeschooling family, your life revolves around reading in one form or another. Textbooks, research for reports, notes, required reading books... not to mention the things that your kids might want to read for fun.

All of that reading takes time - lots of it. And that's time your family could be spending on any number of other things.

Not to mention the fact that slow readers have been shown to have lower reading comprehension skills and much less interest in reading for fun.

Now imagine your entire family reading as much as 800% faster than you do now. You could breeze through those textbooks and classic novels in a fraction of the time and move on to other things.

They could complete lessons in a fraction of the time - and absorb as much or even more of the material than they do now.

Or, you could all read eight times as much fun stuff as you do now.

Sound like a dream? Well, it isn't - it's technology developed by scientists at Johns Hopkins Medical University, and it has actually been proven to help people read as much as eight times faster.

In fact, this technology is so powerful it's guaranteed to double your reading speed in just one week.

Because this breakthrough technology from Johns Hopkins has been turned into a one-of-a-kind software package called the Power Reader.

New Speed Reading Software

Power Reader

Whether it's textbooks, self-help manuals, career-related learning - the more you read, the better prepared you are to excel.

Now, you can learn to read - and absorb - any material as much as 800% faster with the new Power Reader Speed Reading Software.

The Power Reader employs technology developed by Johns Hopkins Medical University that's been proven to help people read up to eight times faster. In fact, this technology is so powerful, it's guaranteed to double your reading speed in just one week.

The Power Reader software couldn't possibly be simpler to use. You simply sit in front of your computer screen and watch as the software displays words and images. Meanwhile, your eyes are actually being trained to focus on words faster, so you read and comprehend at ever-increasing speeds.

Not only will this increase your overall reading speed, but the Power Reader comes with sample essays from standardized tests like the SAT, GRE and others, as well as articles and essays that can be used for your lessons - so you're actually learning while you increase your reading speed.

You can also add your own text and passages to the program, which enables you to customize your speed reading curricula.

And you'll know exactly how well it works, as tests after each lesson keep track of your progress.

Think about it: Now you can read 8 times as many of the books that you enjoy... Get required reading out of the way in 1/8 the time so you can move on to other things... Enrich your life with all the reading you've put off for when you had more time...

And at the same time be developing complete mastery of a powerful new vocabulary!

The best part is, you can be doing both in the next two minutes for one incredibly low price! But you'd better hurry – this is a very limited time offer that may not be here tomorrow!

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Here's to your success!

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Joanna Milo

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P.S. No other skill is as important to your child's future than a strong vocabulary. So it's really amazing that homeschool curricula don't do a better job of teaching this critical skill. But your children don't have to miss out - they can start mastering words with the Power Vocabulary Builder today!

P.P.S. Please write us with your success story. We hear from people all the time whose children are becoming more confident, earning better grades with less study time, and even increasing their scores on the SAT and getting into the college of their choice - all because they use the Power Vocabulary Builder.

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